These cocksuckers think they know everything

A man on the street just told me that these cocksuckers think they know everything. He didn't say who these cocksuckers are, just that they know everything. Then he asked me to mail a paper bag for him.

"There's a mailbox right there," I said and pointed to one standing in plain sight, implying that he could do it himself. He replied that that 1) he shoveled the sidewalk 2) he likes lemon tea 3) but not coffee. I chose this moment for my exit.

"Well, have a good one!"

I guess I'm not the only one who has some time on my hands and wants to tell people what I'm thinking.

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king d said...

your shit is getting funnier, b.
where's the limited fotos?
okay, now instead of saying "have a good one", just say, either, "all right" or "i'm up", which seems to mean, see you later, which is the latest from the block, the block of room 249, that is.
all right.