yes, Lisa, integrity does pay!

I smell like vanilla from the care package I got from a perfect stranger!

A few weeks ago I was faxed an invoice that was supposed to go to someone else. It sat with me for a couple of days until I remembered how vexing it is to be stumped by a stupid, simple detail like YOU SENT THE FAX and you're telling everyone I SENT THE FAX but what you don't know is that the fax escaped to the wrong place.

So I called the number at the top of the fax and asked for the sender, Lisa Monroe. A man told me that I'd called a shipping company and that Lisa is their customer. I explained why I was calling and he looked up her cell. I called and left her a message, la-di-dah good luck end of story.

Except! Lisa took a minute to call ME back, thanked me nicely, and then informed me that she works for Bliss and what scent do I like?

And I can't even explain how buffed and buttery and exfoliated I feel right now. I stink real nice.

The last thing Lisa said to me on the phone was, "See, integrity pays!" She was so sweet about thanking me, it was all I could do to not send her a present to thank her for thanking me.

Right before I decided that my float on the karma parade was getting a little silly and I'd just stick to keeping my elbows moisturized and appreciating nice people.

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