Waking up in Providence, RI

42 pages of shoes

It doesn't look like hurricane weather from my window in Providence, Rhode Island but I've seen the photos taken from the international space station. ONE THOUSAND MILES OF PURE STORM. It's practically sexy.

We have postponed a show and changed route for the hurricane. Depending on what happens tomorrow - if Irene slows down or speeds up - we may revise our plans of when, exactly, we leave Providence for Portland. All I know is I got galoshes yesterday in Bridgeport. And even though I played it cool last night, I was COMPELLED to spend the two hour overnight bus ride browsing shoes on 6pm.com. Now, they were deeply discounted - I looked at nothing less than 60% off - but I got through 42 pages of shoes. 42 pages of shoes. On some deep, dark, level, I was stressed and I needed to be soothed by 42 pages of shoes.



National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden, Washington DC
Graft by Roxy Paine
Stainless Steel
Photo: Matthew Cooper


Flowers taped to utility post

Flowers taped to utility post? Sure, why not.

Long Beach, Long Island


Laughing quietly to myself

About how Renee asked if living in the land of sunshine makes one passive aggressive or aggressive aggressive. Well, I said, I flicked off a palm tree at the botanical gardens in DC the other day so I'll let you be the judge of that.


Hiding behind stuff in DC

We chose beer and statues.

National Archives

Research librarian standing in front of National Archives, Washington DC.




Last night I went to bed sick (body) and tired (mind). I've been worrying about things I can't control and I was caught up in an ugly mix of gloomy sadness and hot anger. Swinging wildly between wanting to escape (read historical novels in bed and eat jellybeans until my stomach aches) and wanting to take a motherfucker out, my temper has been shorter, my patience thinner, and my nose is running.

Reading blogs today snapped me out of it; sometimes other people's words are just what I need. While I've shied away from much of the online social media world and have stuck just to blogging, I'm reminded this morning of why I keep writing and reading blogs even if I don't tweet, have pinterests, and quit Facebook.

You don't always know what's well received or not when blogging. Silences may hang after posts. Did it make sense to anyone? It doesn't necessary matter but knowing when you connect with someone is gratifying. My friends and family often comment away from the blog and give me their reactions privately. I'm not a huge commenter myself so I'm definitely guilty of not telling people what I think and, actually, really want to do more of that.

I woke up early this morning and decided to try harder. I pulled the curtain open and opened the laptop. Among all the sites I checked were Megan's tumblr and Already Pretty. God, ladies. Thank you! Megan's posts on awareness and peace and Sal's thoughts on assuming positive intent were so damn timely, it nearly broke my heart.

"Hearts and rainbows!" as Rinden and I say sarcastically. Well, hearts. I'm still not really into rainbows.


Jersey Shore

Also seen in Atlantic City: a lot of tribal tattoos, tans, manbellies, boardshorts, baseball hats, bumping, grinding, drinking, the limbo. And this shirt: Cool Story Babe. Now go make me a sandwich. I'm sure there are redeeming qualities to this place. Right?


Day off in Ohio

I drove south on I-71 from Columbus to Cincinnati content. Snarling Nine Inch Nails loud with the radio, it could have been 1992. The familiarity, even the HELL IS REAL billboard, made me smile. I picked up Neill and he held onto my right hand as I drove with my left. We drove to our parents house and I slept in the bedroom I grew up in. The books on the shelves reminded me of college and the years just after: women's studies, writing. A thunderstorm. The ceiling fan clicking over my head. The white curtains we hung in seventh grade. I woke up early and drove back north to work.


Scene in NYC

Courtesy of Halle Heyman



I'd like to kick off August with this poster I saw in Nashville a few days ago.