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A friend gave Matthew a giant rap and hip hop mix which we've had in the car and the first time we drove around Nashville listening I was cracking up, hard. A few choice lyrics that really did make me laugh from Wallpaper, Spank Rock and Tyga are below. When I listen closely to the whole songs though, and pay attention to all the words, I get bummed out because they're often misogynistic and stereotypical. Peaches, on the other hand, I LOVE. She, too, is crude but she's creative and sticks tired old gender norms up her a-double-s.

"Get chicks at the farmers' market / white girls buy produce / take them home, make them drink Grey Goose / white boy wasted / glue stick pasted / stupid faced-ed" - Wallpaper, STUPidFACEDD

"Did a full strut / when we pulled up / she said she like D's / I said Deeeez Nuts" - Spank Rock, Loose

"I got ya grandma on my dick" - Tyga, Rack City

"You think that it's a synch / to get up in my ginch" - Peaches, The Inch

Note: I've never felt older than when I just Googled ginch. I was pretty sure I knew what it meant due to context clues but I wanted to be certain. And yea, I was right.

"Gonna sell those tickets advance, baby / an immense gig up in your pants, baby / the tent's so big in your pants, baby" - Peaches, Tent In Your Pants

"I think your mac needs a lot more ram / be my Moog and I'll twiddle your knob / be my corn and I'll nibble your cob" - Peaches, Hit It Hard

I'm a little ambitious / and I want my wishes / so I gotta fuckticious / Sid Vicious / doing all my dirty dishes" - Peaches, Bag It

"You can pat my ben / pat my ben / pat my ben-a-tar" - Peaches, Stick It To The Pimp

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sunny d said...

love 'em all.

they also sound really cool coming out of my mouth at 830 am while my art II class is having a dance party aka painting a mural.

The kids especially love it when we debate whether or not "fuckin' a bitch in a peacoat" is "positive".

Big Marcus argues that it is, because (and here he's quoting me: sex can be a positive thing, as long as you protect yourself physically and emotionally, end quote) and a peacoat is nice kinda coat and what's not fun about that activity?

Gotta love a kid like Big Marcus. Evidence to me of when keeping it real goes wrong.