Topics covered in the front lounge last night

Coyotes chasing people on bicycles
Camel spiders so big you can hear them walking in the sand
Bears eating your steaks off the grill while you hide in the camper van
Pythons living under your house and eating all the pets in the neighborhood
Opossums crawling up the pipes and sitting in your toilet when you go to use it
Giant raccoons eating the cat food by your front door and charging you when you try to go inside
Copperheads slithering inside your car, molting their skin in the baby carseat, and then curling up underneath the driver seat


TL said...

The last one really freaks me out.

ronckytonk said...

The python under the house is the one that got to me. I said to everyone when I went to bed, "I just want you to know that I am uneasy right now. I am nervous. And if I have nightmares, I blame you." I know we've only seen garter snakes in the backyard but they are pythons in my imagination and our crawl space now gives me the CREEPS.