Roncky, now with more tonk

Isn't it incredible how I managed to insult real homeless people AND my rad boyfriend whose home I'm living in while I look for an apartment?

No, really. No one can believe how sensitive I am! Especially the real homeless people who see me driving through their streets in Matthew's Saab which he lets me use all day after dropping him at work.

Basically, I suck.

And to the man in Over-The-Rhine who looked at me through the passenger window on 12th Street and asked, 'Hey sweetheart, can you give me a ride?' to whom I replied, 'No, I can't,' I'm sorry I pissed you off but did you seriously think that was going to happen?

I suck but I'm not f'ing stupid.

Anyway. I signed a lease today which means I get to stop being manic and that is awesome.

After many distractions - tour, returning home to 75 mph winds, a three-day power outage, and searching like crazy for the home I want - I'm back.

Oh, and ps, yeah, I said rad.

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roopa said...

Hooray for new apartment.

I was wondering where you went. I got bored while you were gone.