technically homeless, clearly suffering writer's block

You know it's bad when you ask someone to be a personal reference for an apartment and they're like, "Sure. If you update your blog. Otherwise, I don't think you DESERVE that apartment. Blog or stay on the street."

Maybe I'm being dramatic. Lisa didn't exactly threaten me. Just as I didn't exactly threaten to slap the girl who stole my beautiful Covington apartment upside her head if I ever meet her. I've only mentioned that to about a dozen people.


Lukas said...

i saw Kathy yesterday--i was walking around flatbush singing out loud--and she said you're moving to kentucky! fun. but what will happen to the occasional dispatches from idol-land?

ronckytonk said...

I love it. Some of my favorite people walk around singing out loud. I AM trying to move to KY - if they'll have me - and idol-land ended a week ago so the only dispatches from the road you'll get for awhile will be from the I-71/75 corridor. woo!