cross-dressing George Washington mural

After I posted photos of a painting on a downtown Cincinnati building, my mom asked if I'd seen the cross-dressing George Washington mural on the west side of town. Er, no.

In case I was curious, mom took photos, had our family friend Tim send me a picture text, and she sent me the link to the ArtWorks, the community arts organization that made this 45-foot tall GW in a dress possible.

It's campy, it's in a neighborhood called Camp Washington and George looks pretty. In homage to Cincinnati's slaughterhouse history, there are pigs flying around and a cow represented that, according to the ArtWorks website, escaped the slaughter house and wandered around the neighborhood in 2003.

Side note: Really, 2003?

I personally need more explanation for the tin man and the gorilla at the bottom of the mural. There is a lot going on there.

In other news and perhaps just by comparison, Obama looks troubled in the underpass by my house.

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Butta C.U.P. said...

That escaped Cow just died.