Riverdance vs. The Librarian

I was just sorting through emails and found a video that I forgot I had because I'm a stupidass.

Matthew playing records at my going away party a hundred million years (three weeks) ago. Oh, and the voices of people talking in the background. My friends, the ones I haven't called in three weeks.

Then, you know how You Tube lists "Related Videos" that you might want to check out? It offered RIVERDANCE as a Related Video to Matthew on the turntables. Uh, what?

Did someone tell You Tube that Anonymous and I went to Riverdance with my parents right before I left town? And that Anonymous was mildly concerned about being spotted and getting a reputation as a Irish dancing enthusiast?

And that although both he (or she! you don't know who it is!) and I agreed that it was a tad repetitive but less hokey and more impressive than we expected, I got a vicious case of giggles the first few times the lead guy came on stage. He is just so bouncy. And erect. And I know that you can't exactly SLOUCH while Irish dancing but his posture plus my immaturity made it difficult for me.

Thank you, You Tube, I had forgotten about that.

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