Missing the Hoff

I've been meaning to mention this but every time I think about it I get depressed: I was at the same party as David Hasselhoff and didn't see him.

He likes American Idol and was at the finale party. There were also a lot of other people at the party and it was dark and there were palm trees and lots of places he could have hidden when he realized there was a lunatic looking for him.

Geoff texted me that he saw the Hoff.

I found Geoff and demanded to know where.

"Over there," he said, waving vaguely.

"You do realize that this is the only person who'd make me act like this?"

Geoff laughed. He may or may not have believed me.

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Jimbeau said...

Am I allowed to comment? Old, ya know. Hmm. Years ago.I cleared him through Customs on a private aircraft. I think I have a signed photo somewhere. Not the same, though. He was much younger. Might have been still driving the talking car.