a good travel day

- My Angeleno-Ukrainian cab driver knew where to get 4:30 am coffee on the way to the airport and drove the wrong way up a one-way street to get me there. Love.

- One of our flight attendants was a transsexual. Awesome and beautiful.

- A dude read Jane Austen on his Kindle one row up.

- I dropped my license in the bathroom and was called me over the PA, “Will Jessica RONCK…NER…RONC…RONCK…NER please identify yourself to a flight attendant? What I should have said was, “Only if you mispronounce my name very slowly one more time.”

When I went to the rear of the aircraft, the stewardesses stared at me from behind their food cart and said, “We never would have recognized you!” They looked at my almost expired five-year-old license again, “You look like a mom this photo and now you look like a rocker!”

Why thank you ma’am.

NOT that moms can't rock. Duh.

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Alison Schumacher said...

I think you should post the license photo so we can all do the comparison for ourselves... I am trying to picture the "Jess as maternal type" photo that apparently is on your license... b/c we all know our license photos are so reflective of what we look like.