I take photos in bathrooms

Usually the photos just make me laugh. I am, sometimes, very easily amused.

I originally snapped this for the Archaeologists Rule! part but then I was like Aimee? What the hell is up with your handwriting? I am convinced that Aimee wrote that about her own ass, is living in an 80s teenage movie, and has big, permed, hard-as-a-rock hairsprayed hair. The bangs are especially huge.

I like the bag of dicks expression. It has not yet reached the threshold of overuse that makes me crazy.

This one sums it up. Someone thinks the bathroom stall is a great place to be clever - YOU SAT ON MY CLYMIDIA - but they misspell chlamydia and thus don't seem as clever as intended. That, however, makes for a fantastic opportunity for someone else to be mean - TOO BAD YOUR DR. DIDN'T TELL YOU HOW TO SPELL IT DUMB ASS.

On a gentler note, I was at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park yesterday and I used the bathroom. I was thinking when I walked in, "This is a great bathroom. So huge. And clean. With dressing room lights, nice." Then I looked up from the confines of my stall and saw these strange yellow trees, which I would call art.


zan said...

Yellow is an unfortunate color choice for a bathroom. Otherwise, I vote for more trees/art installations in bathrooms.

ronckytonk said...

I think I say/write the word shit too much. It's becoming a real common theme, huh?

sarcygurl said...

We wander down to our local hostel for our weekly stitchnbitch beer night, and there our favourite loo graffiti simply says "HOBOSEXUAL"

ronckytonk said...

where is this local stichnbitch beer night? I want to go!

sarcygurl said...

Well, if your travels ever take you to Winnipeg, Canada, come find us Wednesday evenings! We are the crew with the sharp pointy sticks and the lovely lovely string!