Call you in 5?

I got this new phone. It does all kinds of mildly useful stuff that I don't really need, like reject an incoming phone call with a text message. If I can't take a call, I hit a button for a scroll-down menu and choose the message I want to send to the caller. The phone came preset with messages - I'm in a meeting, I'm in class, I'm driving - and there is also the option to create a personalized message.

Jocardo and I came up with a message that I'm going to have to be very careful, when scrolling the menu, not to send to anyone from work. Unless I'm in a mood, then it will be perfect.

I'm up to my chin in ballsack. Call you in 5?

We were pissing ourselves when we made this up and I was dying for him to call me so I could use it on him. Sunny innocently called me first, though, and I was ready. I sent the message and waited for her response, expecting something.

No problem, she said.

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