42 pages of shoes

It doesn't look like hurricane weather from my window in Providence, Rhode Island but I've seen the photos taken from the international space station. ONE THOUSAND MILES OF PURE STORM. It's practically sexy.

We have postponed a show and changed route for the hurricane. Depending on what happens tomorrow - if Irene slows down or speeds up - we may revise our plans of when, exactly, we leave Providence for Portland. All I know is I got galoshes yesterday in Bridgeport. And even though I played it cool last night, I was COMPELLED to spend the two hour overnight bus ride browsing shoes on 6pm.com. Now, they were deeply discounted - I looked at nothing less than 60% off - but I got through 42 pages of shoes. 42 pages of shoes. On some deep, dark, level, I was stressed and I needed to be soothed by 42 pages of shoes.

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