APTBS Part 2

A Place to Bury Strangers @ High Watt, Nashville

Hunters, the punk-flavored openers. Sadly I didn't get any good shots of singer Isabel Almeida crawling and/or writhing around on the floor. The only thing I didn't like about Hunters were Isabel's pockets hanging out from underneath her short jean shorts. I refrained from asking the bartender if I could borrow scissors and climbing onstage to snip off the offending two inches of fabric. It bugs me more than it should but I did not fixate because the music was too good for such triviality.

And then A Place To Bury Strangers came on.

Audio Source / Decibel Level courtesy of Logan Donaldson

Angels getting their wings / 0.02 dB
The Gentle Crackle of Rustling Fall Leaves / 10 dB
Careless whispers & sweet nothings / 20 dB
A disgusting, quaint ukulele cover of a Train song / 40 dB
"Normal" Conversation / 60 dB
That guy in a music shop that can only play "Smells Like Teen Spirit" / 85 dB
Orchestra / 98 dB
Electric Light Orchestra 100 dB
Assholes that rev their motorcycles at stoplights/ 105 dB
** Threshold of Pain reached**
Front row of most concerts / 110dB
Powersaws / 110 dB
Sleigh Bells / 120 dB
A Place To Bury Strangers / 130 dB
Gunblast / 140 dB
Perforation of Eardrums i.e. instantaneous, possibly permanent hearing damage / 160 dB

This is me staring at the empty stage hoping that they'd come back out (they didn't).

Part 1 here

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