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Someone I've known for only four days bought me a coffee mug for no reason except that she felt like it and thought I might need one. We might be soulmates.

Meet Renee: wardrobe lady, seamstress, and user of iBook adorned with feisty BITCH sticker.

I took my new mug to the production office/laundry room and put it on my desk/washing machine and took photos, all the while experiencing an immeasurable amount of satisfaction that two of my worlds - LAUNDRY and COFFEE - had joined together so seamlessly.

Show Day #2: San Diego. Since first remarking on feeling the romance and living the passion, I've been passenger in a 1 am high-speed bus chase around Burbank's Bob Hope airport and surrounding streets.

This was high-ly entertaining because there is no reason that one should lose a GIANT tour bus at the SMALLEST AIRPORT EVER and then have to chase after it. Especially in the middle of the night when the streets are totally empty except for the two vehicles looking for each other.

And I remember why talking on a radio makes me smile. You get to say, 'Does anyone have eyes on....?' instead of 'Does anyone know where..?' and 'What's your twenty?' instead of 'Where are you?'

Fun! (copy that)

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