and I'm not usually a fan of Christ imagery

I dare you to find a song more heartbreaking as Johnny Cash's version of Hurt. I remembered this song because his version of Danny Boy (You and your heartfelt covers, Johnny Cash!) came on the iPod which made me think of Mema's funeral in January. The pipes, the pipes are calling lyrics etc.

And then I thought, 'You know what's even more melancholy and touching?' When he manages to siphon all the anger out of a Nine Inch Nails song and makes it sound like just the saddest most beautiful love song. And the next thing you know it's blubber fest 2008 in my kitchen.


Anonymous said...

i do love that song... and all of his "unearthed" stuff...
can't wait to see you in your kitchen-- hopefully a little less teary-eyed.

zan said...

When he died, I sat at my desk, weeping, playing this video on repeat. And now it looks like I'll be doing the same all day today, too.