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Has anyone else seen the movie Death Race?

Hahahaha, does it suck. Although is not without redemption in the form of Jason Statham. Both me and someone else around here (my boyfriend) have a crush on Jason Statham.

We recently went to Blockbuster and separated to pluck movies off the new releases shelf. We reconvened ten minutes later and compared our choices.

His: a Ryan Reynolds film called Chaos Theory and two action movies, Death Race and Wanted with Angelina Jolie. Mine: a coming of age story set in Norway.

Oops! I meant to temper my impulses since we agreed we wanted to get out of our heads that night, not further into them. I put my tender coming of age story back on the shelf and purchased Aeon Flux because Charlize Theron is co-crush #2.

And then I couldn't stop saying DICK.

Because oh-my-god-testosterone. The Angelina Jolie action flick was silly, whatever. She pouted and stared and stalked around, cat-like, and implausible things happened. But Death Race? SO amped. SO cocky.

"My dick is so big right now," I said during another scene of prisoners trying to kill each other on the racetrack, "My dick hurts." Matthew looked at me out of the corner of his eye.

"This is so not a Norwegian coming of age story."

(Chaos Theory was good. Really good.)

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