anti-bridal quote of the day

I checked out a website my mom passed on called BRIDE TO BRIDE BOUTIQUE. Matthew saw it and said, 'What's that?' and I told him, 'The bride to bride boutique.' He waited a minute and said, 'I don't think of you as a bride. I think of you as a bitch getting married.'

And that made me so happy. That? Is understanding.


Lukas said...

wait, you're not on theknot.com???

roopa said...

Last summer, someone (cough sister-in-law cough) said to me that she finally embraced her inner bride and that I should do the same when planning my own wedding.

I looked at her like she had 7 heads and ears for feet.

What the f*** does that even mean? I believe that the word "bride" is not-so-secret code for "TOTAL PSYCHO BITCHFACE WHO MUST HAVE HER WAY"

Count me out. I'm just planning a bigass party with lots of good food and booze and oh yeah I get to wear a fancy purple dress. Yay.

So what are your wedding plans? Enquiring brides want to know, ha ha ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

like roopa said, all you need is a dope outfit, or not, a lot of booze, or not, good ass music, or not and me to witness. you gotta have a witness.

stay away from allllllll bride related anything... it's a sick trap.

Anonymous said...

I don't get all this negativity about the word "bride". All it means is a woman who's getting married. Hmm...is there some kind of generation gap going on here?

NeybaHood said...

I agree w/ Yo Mama. Don't be too cool for school!