homeless art and giant pickles

A few hours after I wrote about the so-called ghetto last week, I was going through old photos and found something. It is a photo of a diorama I made in sixth or seventh grade art class and I clearly spent some time constructing the simple three dimensional scene out of pieces of poster board and colored pencils. When I saw the photo the other day, though, I gaped because it is a homeless scene. I MADE A HOMELESS DIORAMA? I do not remember this but I'm not surprised. This diorama illustrates that my house may have been in Hyde Park but my school was in the hood.

The D and D Deli was a store across the street from my elementary school, Sands Montessori. Sometimes, if I wasn't taking the bus home and my mom was picking me up, I was allowed to buy a snack at the D and D Deli, Lemonheads or Fritos or some such thing. I never did buy a giant pickle in a plastic pouch, bobbing in its own green-tinted juices, though I saw a lot cross the deli's threshold. Those pickles totally freaked me out.


Butta C.U.P. said...

You never tried the pickles? If you would have wanted an authentic hood experience it would have been a pickle, a bag of bbq Grippo's and a Tahitian Treat! I loved SANDS! It gave Suburban kids a true city experience and I loved every minute of it...since i was a city kid who wanted to be suburban who wanted to be a city kid...I LOVED MONTESSORI!!!

ronckytonk said...

Montessori brought us all together just like the Hands Across Sands event that we staged after Hands Across America. (Group hug) ps I did get Grippo's, yuuuummmmmm