Iron Mountain

Kelly has made appearances in Prague, Texas, and Berlin, and was recently in Oceanside. I totally get Kelly's style of travel because for years and years I would decide to go somewhere and by the end of the week, I was in another state or country. I loved making decisions like this and can appreciate it in others.

When I moved to Oceanside, Kelly told me I should hang out with her friend Robin. Kelly and Robin go back years to when they both lived in Corpus Christi, Texas, before Robin was in the Navy and Kelly was making her way around the world. Robin, a huge music follower, and I started going to live shows together and Robin kept me updated on Kelly's whereabouts: Costa Rica, back in the states, and then suddenly flying to Oceanside on a whim.

It was perfect. Matthew and I had already made plans with his friend Jacob and Robin to jointly celebrate Robin's transfer to Virginia, my leaving for American Idol, and Jacob's birthday. We added Andrew Mera and Kelly to the mix and went to San Diego last weekend. It was very fun and I discovered a few new places but GOOD LORD the Gaslamp District is obnoxious. Every night I've walked around there has felt like Mardi Gras and I know that appeals to some people but not me. My goal when I get back in September is to get out of downtown and explore the rest of San Diego. I can't take more girls puking into their stilettos.

While Kelly was here I also did statistics homework with her (wheeee!), ate peanut butter pie, and went hiking at Iron Mountain in Poway, CA. The day started with rain and I wondered if Robin or Kelly would cancel. I doubted it considering the treacherous rock climbing and boat sinking tales I've heard from Kelly and I was right. What's a little mud on a mountain trail? Pshaw.

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