2013 Livin' on a Prayer Mix

In a departure from my method of naming mixes after roads I've recently driven, I'm dedicating this mix not to moving from one physical place to another, but from one year to another. This music is for 2013. When I started making this there were more upbeat songs but as I whittled it to my mood, the high points lessened. The result has it moments to rage to but is overall contemplative. Even more so than at the end of 2012, I feel now that we have all got to learn how to work together without incessant yelling, alienation, and just plain nastiness. If we can't figure out how to have thoughtful conversations without catastrophizing every damn difference, we are just so screwed. If we don't figure it out, I picture myself swaying to this mix on a melting ice floe, with a solar charger for my iPod.

Flatlands - Chelsea Wolfe - I want Flatlands. I never cared about money and all its friends. I don't want precious stones. I never cared about anything you've ever owned.

Afraid of Everyone - The National - Then I'm radio and then I'm television, I'm afraid of everyone, I'm afraid of everyone.

Underworld USA - Cold Cave - They said the meek shall inherit the earth, Oh God that seems like so much work, I want to sing and dream and drink and cry.

Chained - The xx - If a feeling appears, if your mind should sway, it's not a secret you should keep.

Genesis - Grimes - Oh, heart.

IPC - Light Asylum - Not here to criticize, how you're living your life, Not here to perpetrate, nor do we prophecize.

F.T.F. - Trust - Let us see if love will bring my beliefs to the ground.

Fear Country - T Bone Burnett - The cat's out of the bag and it ain't going back.

Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise - The Avett Brothers - There was a dream, one day I could see it. Like a bird in a cage I broke in and demanded that somebody free it.

Velvet - The Big Pink - This heart's on fire, I'll bring myself up to the force, down again.

Ocean Drive (Tiga's White Linen Vox) - FPU - White linen on your back, Black secrets on your mind.

Tornado - Jónsi - You grow, you roar. Although disguised, I know you.

Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap - Ransom notes keep falling out your mouth. Mid-sweet talk, newspaper word cut-outs.

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