Waking up in Las Vegas

I woke up suddenly as the bus started braking off the highway exit. Jerked out of a dream of suffocating in my bunk, I must have closed the air vents in the middle of the night when I was cold. I looked at my watch and calculated two more hours drive time. I thought we must be stopping at a gas station so back into dreamland I fell, for exactly five minutes until I heard Ray's voice on the other side of my bed's curtain, "We're here!"

BAM! I grabbed my glasses from the pocket on the wall, the day sheets from my bag, pulled on my boots and jumped off the bus. Panicked, I ran through the wrong door and up the wrong escalator. But I did it real determined, like I meant it. I was so wrong, though, I was in the wrong hotel and only figured it out by asking a cleaning guy where I was. I ran back outside and into the right hotel, stuffed day sheets into key packs with Geoff, and stood around the lobby looking generally delirious and disheveled for twenty minutes. When I got to my room and opened the curtains, this is what I saw. Good morning.


Anonymous said...

This story is all to familiar. I just tell people that because I have yet to actually wake, the auto-pilot is engaged...however, it is apparently malfunctioning. Not surprising, as it is being held together with a paperclip and bubblegum.

Hi. I thought it might be time to come out of the gloom of anonymity to let you know that I very much enjoy your blog. And thank you for amusing me for several hours while I was delayed in Vancouver airport. YAY for ipod touch and free wifi!

ronckytonk said...

Thank you for reading, sarcygurl! And good luck with the paperclip and bubblegum. I prefer rubber cement; it's not as tasty but works pretty well all the same....