meet my boyfriend, KYJELLY (not as bad as it sounds)

While on the subject of Kentucky, I want to ask a question of Mr. Kyle C of Steak 'n Shake number 258.

Is your job so lame and boring that you have to invent names for your customers just to stay awake when they order a strawberry shake and Diet Coke at 1 am?

Because I'll understand that.

I mentioned this receipt to someone and she said, 'Oh yeah, when I was a server I made up names to remember who was who...like...Bald Fat Fuck.'

Wow. When I was a server I would have just called BFF Table Five or something but that just shows how much more polite I was when I was 21 than I am now. I said to her, 'Was Bald Fat Fuck printed up on the receipt?'

No. No, it wasn't.

So when Matthew got his receipt at the Steak 'n Shake in Indianapolis and saw that Kyle C had named him KYJELLY, we got a kick out of it. First and foremost because Matthew was visiting me from Kentucky. Hee.

But moreover, what is the deal with us and Steak 'n Shake? I hadn't been to one in maybe ten years and all of a sudden, it's like our PLACE or something.

It started with our first date which at one point had us driving aimlessly around my parents' neighborhood at 3am wracking our brains for something to do in a place where everything closes.

Except Steak 'n Shake.

And who says you can't totally behave like a teenager even though you're more advanced in age? Who says you can't stand in the parking lot and make inappropriate first date jokes about organ harvesting and then go in and order a shake with two straws?

And make your 60-year-old server go, 'You guys are sooo cute,' and look at her like, 'Yeah we are. We noticed that, too.'

Because you can.

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