A man crossed the street in front of the bus when was sitting in the front next to our driver Brian and we watched him take his sweet time. If I were crossing four lanes of Philadelphia traffic I might look up once or twice. I would not amble. I would definitely consider the 40,000 pound tour bus barreling my way. But this guy was not worried.

"C'mon pimpstick, go!" Brian said. I started laughing.

The man WAS using a cane and he did not appear to be either terribly old or crippled. He was somewhat pimping.

"I've got to start calling people pimpstick," I thought.

I'm pretty sure I've called someone a pimpsqueak (Matthew) but this is good, too.


roopa said...

My friend Amy (I think you may have met her) walks with a cane. Seeing as how she is a woman, I cannot call her cane a pimpstick. What should I call it?

The Librarian said...

"Ladies is pimps too, go'and brush ya' shoulders off."

-Jay Z

ronckytonk said...

What he said. Amy is a pimp.