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I don't know how so many are getting in my apartment but today I killed five flies and four ladybugs crawling up and down my windows. I wouldn't have even worried about the ladybugs because they don't buzz and therefore don't irritate me except that Matthew told me he was once bitten all over when he slept in a ladybug-infested room.

Then Gail told me that they might be Asian beetles which look like ladybugs and stink when you crush them. I went into my bedroom and found a ladybug/Asian beetle on its back in my bed. It was still and I assumed it was dead. When I slid a paper towel underneath it, however, it started wiggling its little legs which makes me think it was just TAKING A NAP IN MY BED.

Which would have been fine if it were just a ladybug because that would have been almost cute but not if it can bite and/or stink up the sheets. That is totally not cool and I called that ladybug/Asian beetle a bitch to its face.


djempirical said...

the seven-spotted ladybugs don't bite. i've seen references to the two-spotted biting, and also the "asian" one, which you can see pics of here and read more about here (search for "bite").

of course i'm sure someone could dig deeper if you want to know more.

ronckytonk said...

aha! the asian lady beetle is also called the Halloween lady beetle because it's orange and seen around Halloween AND IS

'nuisance to homeowners because of its habit of invading houses and buildings in large numbers while searching for protected sites to overwinter in the fall (mid-October to early November)'

dje, thanks for caring and busting out the Journal of Insect Science.

djempirical said...

when people ask me how i know so much stuff, i try to explain situations like this. WHY THE FUCK DON'T I KNOW FOR SURE WHETHER LADYBUGS BITE? i have been around them all my life.

so basically, i know so much because i am desperately (in the worst sense of the word) trying to make up for huge swaths of apathy in my life.