things I did yesterday to avoid writing

1. Watched The Lives of Others.
2. Printed up 79 photos on my Canon iP90.
3. Bought an end table made out of a stop sign and carried it a mile home.
4. Ate all the ice cream in the freezer.
5. Told someone maybe I should just be an accountant. Once I learn math.
6. Started reading a book written by someone who clearly has more discipline than me.


Anonymous said...

if writing doesn't work out for you, there's always the family business.

i know you love shoes... you could really bring a much needed cool aesthetic to the whole running industry.


ronckytonk said...

oh yeah. what I didn't mention in this post was that I DID start writing later, just about 12 hours after I woke up. so the running community may be spared...

Anonymous said...

what i do all the time to avoid work is to obsessively check your blog for funny updates... like now...

time to work.


Anonymous said...

i think you should go into the family business because you have so much sole- sorry, i feel like a heel- wanna give me the boot? baguba

Courts! said...

JR!! It's Court from long, long ago. You stopped by my blog long, long ago and said HI and I think, I'm pretty sure, I never returned the very gracious favor. Well, I've just read your past 20 entries or so in attempting to catch up and as long as my boss isn't watching too closely, I will be following more often. Just wanted to say HEY! And it looks like you're doing well in the mid... South-ish? I'm in Minnesota now!! GAH!