hateful people in love

I was driving Matthew to the library early this morning when we saw three students on a training run outside the college.

"Duh nuh duuuuh!" I started singing.

"Duh nuh DUUUUH!" He followed up.

Gonna Fly Now AKA the Rocky theme song.

"Dang," I said, "I can't believe in all the times I've been in Philadelphia, I've never run up the museum steps pretending to be Rocky."

"Do you really want to be that person?" Matthew asked.

I thought about it.


And "I don't want to be that person from the chemistry.com commercial either, yet apparently I AM."

This commercial was on TV last night and I automatically imitated and mocked it like THESE PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS.

"Um," Matthew said, "You know we act like that, right?"

"Oh my god," I held my forehead, "We do. We totally do. We were hugging in line at Target today."

And at the Richwood flea market last weekend? We walked the aisles with our arms around each others' waists. I bought Amish jam. He bought a switchblade. I stuck my hand in his back pocket and put my chin on his shoulder. We kissed in the parking lot and giggled when an announcement was made for so-and-so to meet by the chicken pen.

"Yeah," Matthew grimaced, "We're those people. We hate us."

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