Holy shit, I'm in Iceland!

And it's tripping me out.

1. Reykjavik is a less than five hour flight from Boston

2. There are only 320,000 people in the whole country

3. That's about how many people live in Cincinnati

4. Hæstaréttarmálaflutningsmaður

5. Half of the country is a desert

6. It has the largest ice cap outside of the poles

7. The N1 gas stations. There was a sexy ad on our Icelandair flight featuring a million feet tall girl in skinny jeans who said, "Meet me at the N1..." and made it look really fun.

8. Sheep fatality car insurance

9. Reykjavik's mayor, Jon Gnarr, a stand-up comedian, formed the satirical Best Party in 2009 to parody Icelandic politics and won. In August he opened the gay pride festival in drag.

10. Elves

That's just the first ten things I thought of, there are many, many more.

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