Marisa makes espresso and I get snaphappy

I'd like to put the following post into context. Over the summer, I took a total of 250 photos. I came home from a week in Iceland with 467. Last week, I stayed with Marisa in Oceanside, CA and took ONE HUNDRED PHOTOS of her making coffee.

Am I secretly in love with Marisa? I don't know, maybe. I might just also be in love with her craftiness. She lives in a small space that is insanely cozy and lovely and she kept whipping out gadgets that don't take up much space and don't use much energy but totally get the job(s) done. Enter the Presso espresso maker.

Sadly I didn't document the space heater that looks like a bulletin board on the wall or the window blind that pulls down to become a movie screen with help from the projector that is mounted in the rafters.

And if you start to feel like I'm getting long-winded, think of the 88 photos that I didn't show. Take it away, Marisa!

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