White people

Today I sent Jocardo a text about how I was watching people in the Ellen audience dance. Someone else watching who also happens to be white said simply, "White people..." and I started laughing.

Why are we so easy to make fun of?

Jocardo said it might, just maybe, be because our sense of entitlement gives us a false sense of being impervious to ridicule and that makes the stupid shit we do that much more funny and hilarious.

Yikes, I wrote back, we are a-holes, sorry about that.

But, Jocardo replied, some of the most adored and loved people in his life are white so he is truly cared for and loved by some amazing crackers. Unfortunately a lot of others aren't and that ruins it for the decent ones.

I presumptuously wrote back that I was glad to be one his amazing crackers. When he called me out I said, "Oh, you're saying I'm a substandard cracker?"

Then I mentioned I'd like to be a graham cracker or an animal cracker.

But when Jocardo said I'm a frosted honey graham animal cracker with rainbow sparkles I told him, "Ok, you don't have to kiss my ass."

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