California girl?

I know I'm getting used to living in California when I notice that I'm wearing an overcoat with sandals.

And my sandals?

I had this conversation with Jocardo a while back in which I ranted about how the girls here have sandals for every occasion:

rubber thongs for flopping around the grocery store, heeled sandals for fancy time, and shiny beaded sandals for everything in between. And me, I had corduroys, black hoodies, heavy boots, and many items involving wool.

So I went on Zappos and ordered some sandals with some f'ing beads attached to the top and Jocardo said he was going to laugh very hard at me as soon as he got the opportunity.

note: my version of beaded sandals are still black leather and the beads do not sparkle in the sun. Also, the footbed is very cushiony and supportive so I know Bob Roncker won't get mad when he scrutinizes them.

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