Bockfest: the flavor of Cincinnati

I was going to write a big long post about Bockfest and its celebration of Cincinnati's beer brewing history and how I attended because I heard a SAUSAGE QUEEN would be crowned. Instead I'm just posting my favorite photo of Renee from the event. 

(Mainly because I got so wrapped up in talking to Renee that even though we marched in the parade we kept going off course and losing the pack and when we got to Bockfest Hall, I got so freaked out by the pageant crowd that I just made a beeline for the back patio and Nick and his hat and missed everything else.)

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Unknown said...

Mmmmm....I wish I had a pocketful of Skylines right now, and an extra diaper too, I suppose. You should ring me from that sweet-ass little Christian coffee shop sometime. Over-caffeinated young Christians with access to high-speed internet sounds kind of fun. Be careful in there, you could end up roped into working the Friday night fish fry and hot lunch Tuesdays before you know it.