Not exactly smiling: Part 1988

After writing about that smirky face I make, I saw an old photo on Facebook, a junior high photo.

I keep thinking about quitting Facebook because I hate the vortex I go into when checking for updates. I'd liken it to how Silk Spectre seems after Doctor Manhattan teleports her ass around in The Watchmen: out of it, exhausted, somewhat confused. I do not always think the Facebook portal is on my side and it can, in certain moods, inspire similar questions broached by The Watchmen.

Is humanity inherently good or evil?

Are good and evil objective or relative?

Is it ever okay to break the law and/or kill a bunch of people?

And right when I'm on the brink of answering evil, relative, yes, an old friend I lost fifteen years ago writes and makes my day and I see a photo from junior high. The photo which proves that I've had this smirky attitude for awhile:

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