Live music

Suddenly I'm way into live music again. More music comes through San Diego than Cincinnati and it sells out quickly so I've learned plan ahead. After driving to San Diego a few times, thinking I'd be able to buy tickets at the door and being turned away, I've started reading music calendars months in advance. I've bought tickets to a few artists I know and as many more that I don't, at eight dollars a pop and a chance to check out a new venue and new (to me) act. Fun, with mixed results.

Example: I told someone that I keep ending up in the Gaslamp area of downtown San Diego, surrounded by roaming packs of screaming cheeseballs because I don't know where to go. She directed me to a band and a club I didn't know. The band was Louis XIV, the club was Fluxx, and I started laughing as soon I got inside the place. I was confused by the decor: did they want me to feel like I was in an episode of the Jetsons or at a Hawaiian pig roast? And all the girls working behind the bar in panties?

That's cool IF THE MALE BARTENDERS ARE SIMILARLY EXPOSED. If it's a free for all it better be free for all of us, youknowwhatI'msaying? And while a few members of the band were authentically rocking, I'm pretty sure one was just debuting the moves he'd been practicing in the full-length mirror all week. So, I hadn't done my research. It was totally my fault that it wasn't my style. Luckily those scenarios tend to make me laugh a lot so it was, all told, a jolly night.

Another example: I went to a club - Red Circle Lounge - to see one of the musical loves of my life, Miss Kittin. I was paying too much for pints of beer because I still haven't gotten a good flask to smuggle in my own liquor. All the kids in the audience were happy, taking turns showing off their raver moves for each other and waiting for Miss K to take the stage. I was having fun watching them which shows what a fuddyduddy I am. Finally she was in the booth, behind the turntables, tinkering with the wires and the whatnots. Then she was frowning. Other people with her started frowning and tinkering but everyone else kept drinking and showing off their dance moves in anticipation and and then she was gone. She left and there was no show because the club didn't provide the gear she asked for in her rider, THE DICKS.

Since then I've seen acts at new places I like a lot - The Casbah and Soda Bar - and been given tickets to Long Beach Arena (Matty!) and Belly Up Tavern (Hi Robin) and it has been super fun to explore and half the time not know what I'm getting myself into. At Belly Up, I almost didn't get in because the bouncer thought I was trying to be sneaky.

I had my Kentucky license and temporary California papers which are literally a sheath of papers stapled together that you carry around until they send your license 6-8 weeks later. He saw my face and my photo and my name in both places but didn't think it was legit. He questioned me and I pointed out that I look exactly like my photo which did not help. He asked me my age; I answered. He made me sign my name and then compared it to the signature on my KY license. He then told me that it didn't look the same. At this point, I kind of threw up my hands and just said, "Look, that's my signature. I don't know what to tell you, dude." We stared each other down and he waved me in.

As Robin aptly pointed out, if I were under 21 and trying to get into a show, I WOULD NOT PRETEND TO BE 36. At most, I would pretend to be 26 and would be nervous as shit because no way would anyone think I'm THAT OLD. Ew.

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