I don't remember there being a photographer during Tiga's performance at Voyeur last week. There was f'ing good music and some silly go-go dancers but I didn't see a photographer. Judging from some of the photos below, however, people are staring at SOMETHING. I don't think, in my case, I can blame it on the Bud Light and free champagne (or maybe I can).

The first photo below is mine but the rest are by Topher Riley. I took a lot of shots but most of them didn't turn out; the few that did made me happy. Tiga is a prince among DJs. He plays so well, he makes you want to dance so hard, and he seems really, really friendly.

Thanks Tiga.


Jimbeau said...

Why are people offering up their (or someone else's, I guess) shoes?
Just curious.

ronckytonk said...

WHO KNOWS? I don't actually remember that happening, either, even though I'm in the shoe photo.

Elise said...

Pretty jealous..though not of the shoe victims.

ronckytonk said...

yeah well I think everyone in that crowd would be pretty jealous if they saw your Surf Patrol t-shirt.