The tortoise & the pig

Our neighbor, the tortoise.

Every time we walk by this house and the tortoise is in the front yard, we say hello.


The other day the pig was out instead of the tortoise, a rare occurrence. I'd never actually seen the pig in broad daylight, only heard about him and seen his shadow at night which, frankly, I found a bit spooky.

As soon as I saw the pig that day, I went home and woke up Matthew from his nap by jumping on the bed, "The pig is out!" He got up and we went over to take another look and say hello.


The pig is not small. He's not a toy pig or a pot-bellied pig or any of the breeds that people buy because they think it'd be a cute alternative to a dog. It's a full-blown farm animal. When Matthew said hi through the chain link fence, he snorted and heaved himself to his hooves, took a shit in the grass, and shuffled away as fast as he could which was not at all fast. Oh well.

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