I got yer nature right here

This just in: Sheep can recognize fifty other sheep and human faces. Their little brains are firing away just like ours when it comes to memory and emotion. They probably have a consciousness.

If you are a shepherd or have another opportunity to get close to a sheep, you might feel good knowing that they will remember you even if you go away for two years. aw. Brought to you by National Geographic/December 2005, a bunch of scientists in Cambridge, England, the BBC, the field of Evolutionary Developmental Biology (street name: Evo Devo), and Ronckytonk.

While we're on the subject of animals, I'd like to give a shout out to salmon, who swim thousands of miles from the ocean to their river and stream birthplaces in order to spawn and die, if they are LUCKY.

Anyone who has been in the Pacific Northwest during spawning season is compelled to admire salmon, if they have any heart whatsoever. Salmon swim against the current, try to fling themselves up waterfalls, and have to put up with people like me who watch them from the underwater windows at Seattle's Ballard Locks, pointing, staring, and making up personas and monologues for them until they are swept backwards and whipped out of sight.

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