Pirate hair

Last night at the The Surly Girl Saloon a man dressed as a pirate walked in the door. My thought process went as follows: Santa? No. That's a pirate. What month is it again? Nope, not Halloween either. He must be dressed up as a pirate JUST BECAUSE HE FEELS LIKE IT. Awesome.

A few minutes later I realized that he was Captain Morgan and was being paid by the rum company to hand out mardi gras beads and visors that said, "Drink responsibly! Captain's orders!"

After recovering from the disappointment that he wasn't just into pirates, I decided that he really did make a credible sea robber because 1) he said 'Ar' a lot 2) he was very swashbuckly 3) his hair was perfect: long, dark, and curly.

My colleagues and I became the teeniest bit fixated on the hair and were imagining what it looks like when he gets home from a long night of work hanging out at a bar. We thought he probably loves that hair and buys expensive product for it and got the job just because of it. Did a Google search for "jobs where I wouldn't need to cut my hair".

Well, it paid off, Captain. And thanks for the visor.

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Butta C.U.P. said...

My friend is a "Morgan" here in Cincinnati. He is a actor working on his MFA and interning with me. He wears a wig. I don't mean to be the bubble burster...unless this guy got the job because of his hair. Maybe I'm just ramblining...who know?