Dear Radio Shack

Dear Radio Shack,

I would totally consider applying but that guy scares me. And while I'm sure your holiday jobs are "sweet", I'm gonna be busy.

p.s. Which holiday are we talking about again? Arbor Day? Earth Day? Thomas Jefferson's birthday? Yeah, I'm busy.


marybethonline said...

are those candy canes i see on the sign?

ronckytonk said...

yes. yes, they are.

Anonymous said...

hey..i was looking around on the internet, and i'm often prone to looking at pretty random blogs, and somehow i ended up here...i've been pretty swept up in reading the different posts on here, but all i want to say is....I JUST GOT A JOB AT RADIOSHACK!!! :) lol. i had been working at a gas station, but then i started being stalked by a male costumer who even went as far as to start following me home at night when i was locking up the store. creepy. the cops were total faggots and didn't do shit about giving him the warning for trespassing they promised me they'd give him. so i quit my job, and now i'm waiting for my background check to come back so i can start my training at what i've now deemed as "THE SHACK" but which i dont doubt in time will be known to me as "the LOVE shack" lol. oh and today i saw the ONE cop that did actually kinda look out for me, and patrol the parking lot regularly to make sure that man didn't come back..and we talked for a while..and he said hopefully he'd see me outside of radioshack sometime...in retrospect, i think that cop 'digs' me. that's pretty freakin hot. ever since i stopped smoking pot..cops are totally hot, and not so intimidating, especially since they don't have to look me in my bloodshot eyes. :)i think it's something to do with the gun...i wish my boyfriend would get a gun...and touch me with it. haha sorry about the rant which pretty much didnt have a point, except I WORK AT RADIOSHACK! :) lol. go ahead and email me if you like timebomb88@sbcglobal.net
put "BLOGGER" as the subject line..i get online late at night, and when i dont have a destination, i get bored, and like random emails, so DO IT. :)