Giant Corn Dog

Today is the fourth day in a row of state fairs (Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Iowa) and I'm starting to think the Midwest is fucking with me. Like the whole on-a-stick thing.

Besides the obvious, corn dogs, which are so institutionally ON STICKS that you don't have to bring it up, it is implied by the fact that someone somewhere decided to deep fry a hot dog in cornmeal batter and it's now just common sense.

But a deep fried Pepsi ball on a stick?

I want to say, "Universe. Dude. What is your deal?"

We had been making jokes about soup on a stick but I've now seen a beer on a stick sign so that concept seems suddenly attainable, if not incredibly attractive.

Here's a guy making corn dog batter with a drill. Yum!

But not as delicious as this.

Because I will not TOUCH poopcorn if it has any trans fat in it.


Anonymous said...

poopcorn, huh?
is that your real hair?
does everyone ask you that?
in williamsburg everyone reminds me of you and your bad ass style...
you're cooler, of course. way cooler.

roopa said...

I went to the Ohio State Fair two weekends ago and thought of you.

roopa said...

Just saw THIS on the news. Stupid food on a stick.

ronckytonk said...

hey charm city, apparently I can't see your site unless you invite me, so why don't you be polite and do that? x