save it for your therapist

Earlier today, my boss Geoff gave me a button that says SAVE IT FOR YOUR THERAPIST, ASSHOLE and I was all, 'Ha ha that's funny. That sounds like something I'd say even though I'd have to be super pissed off and provoked to go there but if I did go there I'd be real deadpan and mean like that about it, ha ha.'

But now I'm wondering if Geoff was actually saying that to ME.


Unknown said...

Hello Jess,

This is the precicous Irish man with small hands, (I don't smell like cabbage, ask Carl) and a head-full of beer. I hope you are well. Please follow this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSIbfzK2spg
for some very brillant music right up yer alley from Anne and Dave.

Cheers Jess

ronckytonk said...

Dave I know you're not a midget (just precocious, with tiny hands)