tattoos hurt a lot but they sure are fun

Oh, and mom, dad, guess what?

This is me on Friday, also known as three days ago:

I've had tattoos on my stomach for ten years and people have always asked, 'But what if you have kids? Won't that mess your tattoo up?' and I always feel a strong sense of DUNNO mixed with DON'T CARE.

For whatever reason, it's never bothered me.

Maybe I'll make it into a new tattoo. Maybe I'll leave it f'ed up and think it's funny. Maybe the glory and joy of new life will make it not matter. Maybe I won't have kids.

I will say that when our friend here with the needle attached to a drill was dragging it through the flesh on my side, I thought: THIS IS THE BEST BIRTH CONTROL EVER. Knowing this pain kind of makes me think I don't need to know THAT pain. I unclenched and breathed when he dipped the needle in ink between lines and flashbacked to my year as a childbirth assistant in Seattle, when I coached ladies in the delivery room.

Since I worked for a Latino clinic and doubled as a translator, I found myself on Friday telling myself to breath: Respira. Respira.

I will also say that just as women who have birthed and say that they will NEVER GO THROUGH THAT AGAIN take one look at their precious bundle of baby drool and immediately forget how recently their head spun backwards go: ooh, baby, I want more....

I'm already planning what to ink from my stomach down my leg.

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