Zapatistas, mariachis, Homies

Carl needs to see what his inspiration has inspired in others.

I'm speaking about the box of XL beige t-shirts with my 8-year-old face on them that he sent me anonymously last year. I don't know if Carl wanted to make me laugh or if he just wanted to freak me the hell out, but he did both.

My favorite thing about the shirts now is that a lot of people assume they're in homage to a child who's passed away. And in a way, she has. Though she's in me somewhere. Sometimes deep within, sometimes closer to the surface.

I just found out that Dennis and Matthew Eisen took a road trip to Chicago from Cincinnati in November and that Casey Lasso whipped out the shirt for them.

What I like about this is how it combines Casey's fixation on Homies with a mariachi. Plus a Zapatista is aiming his gun at my forehead. I'm still just as pleased and smiley as ever!

And, really, given my ribbons and puffed sleeves and early braces, what could I possibly have to worry about?

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