Jimmy's white couch

Part of what makes me so insanely fun to hang out with is the way I fall asleep right in the middle of when you're talking to me. Here are Jon and Maya looking at Sunny like, "Guess it's up to you to be hospitable cause Jess just peaced out on us."

When Sunny and I unlocked the door to Jimmy's apartment a few days before, both of us said, "HELLO, white couch...".

We knew from previous experience how hard it is to tear ourselves off of it. When approaching the white couch you know that in a few minutes you will be a) Slouched if not fully prone and possibly drooling and b) Losing major time. Imagine the hour and minute hands flying around a clock face in the old movies.

Flash forward. Your plans for the afternoon to ride the 'Dillo, the free trolley around the city, go to a gallery, and see live music in a club approximately 100 yards away, have been usurped. And suddenly the sun is setting, the grackles are chirping, and it's all about sipping tequila on ice and passing out pillows.

Special thanks to Mister Jimmy Ace.

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