Speaking of the cave of sorrows

I joined Facebook two days ago and it is FREAKING. ME. OUT.

People have been telling me - not asking, not suggesting - to join Facebook for a year and I've been totally disinterested until I caved two days ago. Now my email inbox is on fire with alerts as to what everyone is doing and thinking every three and a half minutes.

They are writing on my wall and adding me to their tree and tagging me and doing other things I don't fully understand.

Probably the most twenty-first century Facebook exchange I've had so far is with Brett Berk wherein we talk about Sunny behind her back except it's not really behind her back because I text her, 'Brett and I are talking about you.'

Or I'll be like, 'Brett told me this about you on Facebook,' and she'll be like, 'Sick,' and not in the surfer/snowboard way but in the that is disgusting sort of way and I'll think, 'Yeah.'


marybethonline said...

dude... its called change your alert settings. then it doesn't have to freak you out. get with it already ;)

ronckytonk said...

like I knew there are alert settings.

Lukas said...

you know, i don't want to get all apocalyptic on you, but i am convinced that facebook is giving birth to a new life form. as in, soon humankind as we know it will take place primarily on such a social networking site, and eventually our last human experience--as we currently know such experiences--will be clicking "I Agree," at which point our essences get sucked up into some tubes and brains turn to RAM. yes, i have given this some thought.

ronckytonk said...

I Agree