beat off the winter blues with new warm-weather styles

OF COURSE Ali Schumacher sent me pages from the Indianapolis Star style section with notes attached to photos.

If I were able to go back and retroactively log all of the high school hours we spent making fun of stuff - at lunch, in the track meet bleachers, in physics class, as marginally useful "aides" in the gym teacher's office where we sat around and played records - I'm sure I'd be pleased that I used my time well by laughing a lot and not just bemoaning the fact that I'd never had a boyfriend.

Yes, picturing our chemistry teacher as a gangsta rapper with a Flavor Flav clock around his neck took some of that pain away.

That same principle still holds true although I can't remember what I was angsty about a week ago when I received Ali's letter and the newspaper Spring Fashion Jam. Perhaps I'd run out of Bud Light.

Ali: This may be the most unflattering photo ever taken. Me: The lady's face on the left makes me nervous. What does she see with the crazy blue eyes? Wherefore does she grip her clutch so desperately? Also, I do not believe that she is playing that tambourine.

Ali: This photo requires a comment but I cannot figure it out at present. Me: How about Nice Shoes? Period. Everything else = cringe. I just tried to imagine dancing around a studio, flicking a scarf between my legs, but I pulled whatever muscle is used in wincing.

There's another shot that Ali didn't flag but which caught my attention of the other lady playing a ukelele. Its photo caption referred to the compatibility of island breezes and ukelele tunes and I kind of want to say something about that but am starting to feel like a jerk so I'm going to shut up.


djempirical said...

i think the second lady is an "adult" magician, and just produced that scarf from somewhere. note the smile: that is friction. sweet sweet friction.

ronckytonk said...


djempirical said...

hey, youre the one who titled the post the way you did.

ronckytonk said...

I got that directly from the newspaper. I blame Indianapolis.

djempirical said...

they do indeed.


Anonymous said...

I had forgotten about the Flavor Flav image - priceless! That makes me think about the time we pissed Karl off so much during practice that he stalked off the track, looking for us, and we were hiding in Mr. Lazar's room, watching Karl from the 3rd floor windows. Ah, high school!