I just want your music tonight

How I've lived this long without listening to The Knife is inexplicable. I blame Joanna Friberg. As my in to Swedish culture, she needs to tell me these things. I think she owes me more than Ace of Base.

This video was shot in April 2006 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Joanna may very well have been at this concert. Even though she lives outside of the city and MIGHT have been too busy gardening or sailing with Pepe or cooking meatballs or whatever it is that she does, she could have easily called up the bus and asked them to pick her up and bring her to the city to see The Knife.

Joanna told me that's how it works and it makes me love Sweden: The bus doesn't run regularly to her house out in the woods but it's cool because you can just call the bus and it'll come get you. Anyway, The Knife.

I just found another The Knife video that made me vaguely nervous until I just started laughing.


Janebloch said...

Heartbeats is one of my favoritest songs. The Knife RULES.

Speaking of wonderful musical contributions from Sverige, what the hell was the name of the band we used to love so much that we saw at Tivoli (some song about Jimmy Dean)?


Janebloch said...

And also


ronckytonk said...

dude. I have been trying and trying to remember the cheesy swedish music we so adored in 1990 and am coming up blank. dangit.

Anonymous said...

Jessica, I'm so sorry to have let you down, I promise to do better. Tip of the day: Hello Saferide, went to her concert friday and was totally smitten:

Jane, I don't remember you or anyone loving it, but did you mean THIS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIUSi1Z51pU


Anonymous said...

Oh, look how I screwed that up

Janebloch said...

O. M. F. G.

Joanna- you took me on an honest to goodness trip back through time.

Good golly.

Troll. Figures.

ronckytonk said...

JMFF: thank you for Saferide. You are finally taking your job as cultural ambassador seriously.