Banksy in Oceanside?

Apparently I have a knack for unknowingly taking photos of street art by well-known artists. I'll just innocently like how they look until Matt Sperling sees my photos and says, "Dude, that's a Barry McGee! He's my favorite!" and I'm all, "Barry M-who now?" That happened here and just the other day with this Banksy.

So it was fitting when I went to breakfast on Saturday with Matt Sperling, Marisa and Matthew and saw a crowd of people in the parking lot across the street taking photos of something on the side of a taco shop. We had to wait for a table so I decided to go across the street to take photos of all the people who were taking photos of the wall.

I don't know why I like to do this but I do. When I went to the Statue of Liberty, I took photos of people crowded at the end of the ferry, arms and necks craned up to the statue. In Las Vegas, I took photos of people crammed against the railing by fake Lake Como, photographing the fountain outside Bellagio.

Turns out everyone was abuzz this Saturday with the idea that the rat on the side of Bull Taco is a Banksy work. Banksy may be / probably is in Southern California right now since his documentary "Exit Through the Gift Shop" was up for an Oscar and he recently left new marks around LA.

It hasn't yet been confirmed if this kite-flying rat with the sign that cautions drivers to watch for immigrants running across the highway is a legit Banksy. And I don't know if I would have even taken its photo had I just been walking down the street and noticed it. More than the painting itself, I'm kind of stunned by the reaction. Reported by every news agency out here - TV, print, and online including TMZ - they are all buzz-buzz-buzz about Banksy.

Was connoting rats with tacos a good idea? Is this racist? Is it too drippy to be a real Banksy? People were scoffing, marveling, posing, flashing peace signs. One man held a video camera and was making his own documentary. Would you like to comment? How much is this wall worth now? Did Banksy stop in Oceanside on his way to San Diego? Does Banksy even like Mexican food? Is he a mere mortal or a graffiti god?


JT said...

it was a fake, reported by his rep.

ronckytonk said...

Ah well. A least Bull Taco got some inadvertent free press...