Do not honk at blind people

I could tell a long-winded story of how long you have to wait to get an appointment at the Department of Motor Vehicles in California (weeks) or how many hours we spent there yesterday (six) or I could just jump to my favorite part of the day: the question on the written test for a California license about what to do when you see a visually impaired person at a crosswalk, waiting to cross the street. I was looking over Matthew's test and this was one of the ones he missed.

A blind person at a crosswalk, what to do?

a) Pull up to the crosswalk so that the blind person hears the engine
b) Pull into the crosswalk
c) Pull up to the corner and honk the horn so the blind person knows you're there

He said c).

I started laughing and couldn't stop and still can't when I think about it.

"Is that what you do when you see blind people on the street? Honk your horn?"

He couldn't stop laughing either.

For the record, that is NOT what he does, he just got confused by the logic of all the questions which I understand because the overall the test was kind of tricky. But seriously, that question is too much. And what about b)? Pull into the crosswalk when you know someone can't see? What kind of dick move is that?

We were having this conversation while sitting in the car, waiting for the Honda to be inspected for its new plates. It took forever, while next to us a row of cars filled with 16-year-olds getting their first licenses steadily crept forward. The DMV workers came out, talked to them, ignored us, went inside. Repeatedly. It took ages for them to notice us.

At one point I suggested we honk the horn and then when they turn around to stare at us we say, "Oh sorry, I thought you were blind..."

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sunny d said...

Not far enough.

Someone needs to do something about the DMV and it might as well be you & your honking-at-the-blind man.